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Private Label

Private label clothing is becoming an essential part of the fashion industry, both in the online marketplace and traditional retail stores. Private label products can be found in a wide range of products being sold today, spanning from food to apparel to consumer electronics. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of private labeling. We will discuss the reasons why private label products offer an ideal solution for businesses, regardless of their scale, across the globe. Additionally, we will introduce our company and elaborate on why Progarments is a superb choice for manufacturing private label clothing.

In the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry, Progarments has emerged as a trailblazing leader in private label clothing manufacturing. With a dedicated focus on quality and innovation, we have successfully collaborated with diverse businesses to bring their unique visions to life. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and experienced team enable us to tailor solutions that align with the specific needs and aspirations of each client.


Build a Successful Fashion Brand


Anyone Can Build a Successful Fashion Brand

Whether you’re a seasoned fashion designer, an online marketer, or an entrepreneur, Progarments can assist you in achieving success when launching your very own private label fashion brand. Private labeling offers the opportunity to establish and introduce a fashion brand with minimal initial investment.

For those who are new to the fashion realm, it’s worth delving into the details. This article presents valuable insights that can be beneficial for your journey, regardless of the specific nature of the brand you’re working on.

If you’re an industry veteran poised for the next steps, you might consider bypassing this section and reaching out to us directly.

What is Private Label Clothing?

A private label product is a product that can be tailored and/or branded in different ways to make it distinctly your own. Creating a custom product demands considerable time, effort, and expense. The costs and time needed for a private label product are significantly less compared to a custom-made product.

Many items in today’s market, marketed by prominent brands, are actually private labeled. For instance, a can of beans sold by a well-known brand might be manufactured in the same facility as the can of beans found at a lesser-known retailer. However, the recipe might be adjusted to cater to each retailer’s preferences.

Likewise, in the fashion industry, a private label clothing product offered by a major brand might originate from the same production line as a competitor’s product, a smaller brand’s offering, or even a discount retailer’s item. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that the products are identical. They would likely have been personalized in various ways to meet the specific needs of each retailer.

Boosting Sales Together

The 4 Main Types of Fashion Products


Private Label Clothing Gallery


Private Label Clothing


White Label

Private Label apparel offers an ideal answer for numerous brands seeking distinctive, top-notch products for effortless online retail. It begins with our white label items and incorporates pivotal customization options that empower you to forge your genuinely unique designs, all without the substantial expenses of full custom development.

We don’t peddle the ubiquitous merchandise commonly found on Alibaba, originating from China. Instead, we meticulously design and ethically manufacture every single one of our pieces. Absolutely nothing is manufactured in China.

Private Label clothing from Progarments presents a swift and straightforward avenue to commence marketing your personal custom creations.


Private Label

Private Label swimwear stands as the ideal remedy for an expanding swimwear brand aiming to enrich its product range. Private label clothing seamlessly marries creative adaptability with pragmatic effectiveness.

Progarments extends to our clients the chance to personalize our trending designs and time-tested classics. Effortlessly blend and match tops and bottoms, fashioning distinctive ensembles that align with your brand.


Private Label

Private label activewear originates from our white label activewear selection. These established high-quality products, already proven to be successful, are subsequently tailored by you to align with your brand.

Possessing your own exclusively customized activewear empowers your brand to shine uniquely amidst competitors.

Private label clothing presents a harmonious blend of creativity and efficiency. The private labeling approach empowers any brand to fashion personalized activewear that seamlessly embodies their brand essence.


Private Label

Lingerie is difficult and expensive to develop when you’re going the full-custom route. The materials, fits, and finishes take a lot of time, energy, and cash to get just right. That’s what makes private label lingerie such a great fit for indie lingerie brands. We save you time and money by using our own white label designs as the base products. You can then create your own custom lingerie by changing some of the variables.

With Progarments private label fashion, you’ll never be late for your launch!


Choose Progarments As Your Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Over the past few years, China has risen as a prominent hub for swimsuit manufacturing. Enthusiasts of bikinis flock to this vibrant location daily, while online influencers have significantly amplified China's presence on the global stage. An array of new fashion brands, particularly startup swimwear labels, establish their roots in China each year.

For brands in pursuit of swimwear manufacturers with manageable Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), this development is undoubtedly promising. This signifies a diverse range of fabrics, components, and manufacturers consolidated in one convenient destination. Historically, China was known as a favorable launchpad for brands, but perhaps less accommodating for those in the growth phase. This notion wasn't entirely unfounded, attributed in part to the geographical constraints of the region and a relatively finite workforce.

However, Progarments is effectively reshaping this narrative through the integration of advanced software, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive training. This transformation empowers our supply chain to deliver the same exceptional quality production on both a large and small scale. This progressive approach defies the conventional norms that often nudge brands towards seeking production solely in China.

What further sets Progarments apart is our extensive presence. Our manufacturing footprint extends across not only China but also Cambodia, with four processing bases. This expanded reach, coupled with our innovative methodologies, ensures that businesses can fulfill their production requirements with efficiency and precision.

In essence, the era of seeking growth beyond the boundaries of China is not merely a vision anymore; it's an actionable reality that we are pioneering through Progarments. Whether you're a budding startup or a thriving brand, our integrated solutions bridge the gap between quality and scalability, ensuring your swimwear brand achieves new heights within the global market.

In this journey, we've partnered with international giants such as OTTO, JOMA, FILA, DISNEY, GYMSHARK, ASICS, STELLA MCCARTNEY, CARCEDESIGNS, KNIX, THINX, INDITEX, ZARA, COSTCO, DISNEY, TATA, LPP, NIKKI, OXYLANE, KGS, COLES, HAPPY SOCKS, CUPSHE, SHEIN, AUSSIE PACIFIC, and LINING. Moreover, we have established a strong presence on platforms like Amazon and Shein, bolstering our sales performance. It is our extensive experience collaborating with these renowned brands and maintaining a strong online presence that equips us to effectively assist and support the operational and developmental needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

We understand the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face in today's fiercely competitive market. Hence, we provide not just high-quality manufacturing services, but also partner closely with you to formulate practical market strategies. Our team comprises industry professionals with profound market experience and insights, ready to offer tailored advice and support in product positioning, market promotion, and sales channel selection. Our goal is to guide you towards better performance.

Progarments is more than a manufacturer; we're your dedicated partner in achieving success. Acknowledging each brand's uniqueness and potential, our mission is to propel your business forward. Whether you're a fledgling startup or a blossoming brand seeking expansion, Progarments is committed to providing the finest support and collaboration, helping you achieve remarkable business accomplishments.

Questions & Answers

When you engage in private labeling for a product, you’re essentially purchasing the authorization to market a product that has been created by a manufacturer. Typically, the core components of the product, like its fundamental specifications, patterns, or dimensions, remain unalterable. The manufacturer regulates the aspects that can be modified. For instance, in the context of private label clothing, you might have the option to relocate a pocket, but adjusting the pocket’s actual size might not be within your control.

Private labeling occurs earlier in the production process compared to establishing a “brand.” After the brand has determined the product’s specifications and added their own tags and labels, the product becomes synonymous with the brand. Subsequently, it is either directly sold to consumers or supplied to wholesalers. It’s a rarity for a private label product to be sold directly from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

Private label products have the potential to yield substantial profits, indeed. Especially when a company lacks the resources to independently create each product it offers, utilizing private label designs to supplement your product range is a logical approach, diversifying your inventory for greater selling options. If you can apply a markup to these products and generate revenue without shouldering the entire developmental expenses, private labeling certainly stands as a lucrative choice for any business.

Honestly, private label products have become incredibly pervasive nowadays. Even major retail chains, like H&M as an illustration, offer private label clothing that was conceived by manufacturers. Subsequently, these designs are proposed to the buyers. The procurement teams from these large retailers peruse the product catalog and make their choices while incorporating any brand-specific adjustments that might be necessary.

A prevalent scenario is often observed in supermarkets. You’ll frequently find a “house brand” food item positioned alongside the branded equivalent. Typically, the house label comes at a lower cost and is positioned as a comparable alternative to the name brand. Take Costco, for instance, where Kirkland Signature items are prevalent across the shelves. These are essentially private label products sourced from private label manufacturers.

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What Can Be Customized
With Private Label?

  • Choose From a Wide Variety Of Fabrics
  • Select From Available Colors Or Custom Prints. Custom Dye Sometimes Available.
  • Select From Various Findings And Finish Options: Zippers, Buttons, Etc.
  • Customize Key Measurements, Such As Neck Opening, Sleeve Length, Etc.
  • Select Location Of Branding, Logo And Other Print & Embroidery Options
  • Innovative Sustainable Fabric
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Client
  • Advanced Quality Control Measures
When delving into the world of private label clothing, you unlock a realm of possibilities. Picture yourself selecting from a diverse range of elements – from fabrics that define comfort to prints that mirror your unique style, or even the option to contribute your own distinctive print. Beyond this, the realm of design beckons: envisage deciding on the perfect collar type, buttons that complement the essence, or zippers that seamlessly integrate. Details matter, and private label empowers you to tailor them to perfection – even the strategic placement of pockets and other design nuances are yours to define.
Step into the subtle distinction between Private Label and White Label. Imagine White Label as akin to a canvas awaiting your branding strokes. These products are often ready-made, simply awaiting your insignia before being dispatched. On the other hand, the essence of Private Label breathes life into a different reality. Every product is a bespoke masterpiece, conceived and crafted as per your precise requisites. The canvas is blank, the design possibilities limitless, and the outcome tailored to your vision.
Within the domain of fashion, private label bestows upon you a realm of customization possibilities that resonate with your brand essence. Envision a symphony of choices:
  • Fabric Symphony: Select from an array of fabrics that harmonize comfort and aesthetics.
  • Print Choreography: Play with prints, patterns, and colors to choreograph your unique fashion statement.
  • Detail Orchestration: Control the smallest nuances – from collars that whisper elegance to buttons and zippers that resonate with functionality.
  • Dimensional Prowess: Shape measurements to perfection, sculpting neck openings, sleeve lengths, and more.
  • Branding Ballet: Choreograph the visual narrative, dictating the branding’s position, logo, and embroidery finesse.
  • Eco-Inspired Couture: Embrace innovation with sustainable fabric choices, reflecting a commitment to the environment.
Yet, private label’s influence extends beyond fashion’s realm. It stands as a testament to your unique vision, translating to tailored solutions for each client. Quality control reigns supreme, ensuring excellence in every stitch. Explore cutting-edge design innovations, and access specialized pattern creation that breathes life into your ideas. Efficiency is embraced, as an efficient turnaround time complements your aspirations. In essence, private label clothing isn’t just about style; it’s a statement of bespoke empowerment, where you orchestrate every facet of your creations. Your brand’s journey, your way.

Private Label Clothing Process

Private label clothing offers a balanced solution for numerous established fashion brands or startups seeking a notable degree of distinctiveness in their product range. Positioned between White Label and Black Label, it strikes a harmonious balance in terms of pricing, intricacy, and design uniqueness.


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