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Custom & Wholesale Sarongs and Pareos

"A sarong is the Swiss Army Knife of summer life"


Unique Sarongs, Wholesale Options

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If you know what you want and you’re in a hurry, click here! Otherwise, please read on to learn more about sarong manufacture.


Sarongs Gallery


Wholesale Sarongs From Bali From Bali

Sarongs are native to Bali, Indonesia, so it makes perfect sense to look for a wholesale sarong manufacturer in Bali. The Balinese wear them for nearly every occasion, but particularly for ceremonial purposes. Both men and women wear them when praying, at the temple and for weddings, funerals and other special holidays. There’s pretty much not a day that goes by that a Balinese person doesn’t wear a sarong for some reason. They really are the multi-tool of tropical life in Bali!

At Prototype, our manufacturing is based in Bali, so we have easy access to an unlimited variety of sarong designs. We can manufacture custom sarongs, sell them wholesale, and even white label them for your own brand. There’s really no limit to what we can provide you with sarongs.

Tahitian Pareo

In Tahiti, a sarong is known as a pareo. They’re essentially the same thing in terms of how they are used, but the Tahitian pareo generally has a bold print, often floral and bright colors. The traditional Indonesian sarong is a smaller pattern, typically using batik, and are often subdued colors. If you’re looking for a pareo factory or wholesale pareos, then you’ll find that typically they’re made in the same factory as a sarong.

progarmentcn offers both wholesale pareos and custom. As a pareo manufacturer, we offer a wide selection of fully custom and customizable options for designer and retailers to achieve exactly the result they’re looking for. Most pareo suppliers offer just the basics, whatever you would find at a tourist market. But here at Prototype, we allow full customization so that you can create unique pareos that will outshine the competition!


Low Moq Custom Sarong Factory


If you have a startup label and need to start small, that’s no problem! We can supply as few as 25 sarongs per order. There’s no setup fee for standard sarongs and a custom design will be reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for something unusual, like a hand-painted sarong, a custom batik or something special, there may be a different MOQ, but we’ll do what we can to keep it as low as possible for yo

Sarong Fabrics And Materials

Sarong fabrics can vary widely, based on your needs. If you want a digitally printed sarong with a low MOQ, you’ll need to use a polyester based fabric. If you can afford a higher quantity (around 500 pieces), then you’ll be able to print on natural fabrics, such as rayon or other viscose fabrics. Cotton is a popular fabric for sarongs, as is rayon. Linen makes a nice premium sarong option.

Working with progarmentcn, you’ll be able to produce your designs in nearly any type of fabric you like. We are extremely flexible when it comes to special orders. You may have a sarong or pareo that you want to produce in some really amazing handwoven cotton, for example, or a silk. Special requests like this are completely normal for our factory and we’re happy to help make sure you get EXACTLY what you’re looking for.


Printed Sarongs And Pareos


Sarongs can be printed in a variety of styles and methods. The printing methods available depend on the type of fabric used. Let’s dive into that.

Digital printing is available on most types of fabrics, but it’s important to note that different types of fabrics require different types of printing.

Polyester, for example is printed with a technique called “sublimation”. Sublimation is reasonably-priced, great for small quantities and has excellent quality and color-fastness. Sublimation can be used to print sarongs at nearly any quantity from a single yard to any large quantity.

Other fabrics, such as cottons, rayons, and other natural or similar fabrics require a different type of printing, known as DTG (direct-to-garment) or direct-to-fabric. The downside of DTG is that the price is very high at small quantity. Otherwise the order quantities will need to be very large, in the 1000s of units in order to achieve a reasonable price.

Another type of printing is screen printing. Screen printing is perfect for sarongs, except for one little problem… Most screens used by printers aren’t nearly big enough to cover an entire sarong. There are larger screens, however, that will cover a sarong, as long as you keep the number of colors to a reasonable quantity of 3 or 4 maximum.

Yet another option, batik, is discussed below.

Colors And Dyes In The Sarong Manufacturing Process


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